Monday, December 26, 2011

A Susie Story - In the Pre-Existence

The pre-existence was a lovely place and not one I was anxious in leaving, although I knew according to "The Plan" that was what I was about to do.  I dug my heals into the clouds resisting departure.  I heard that humans said that "eyes were the windows to the soul".  Well there in the pre-existence eyes were not necessary because there I stood with my soul in plain view, clearly relaying the fact that I did not want to leave, that I was fearful....that I did not want to go alone.

As my Heavenly Father and Elder Brother approached me, I didn't try to hide my fears.  It's no use trying to hide anything from Them.  Without speaking, They understood my fears and were compassionate towards this weak spirit.

"You don't seem to be ready."  My Heavenly Father said, seeing my hands clenched into a tight ball.

"Not really."  was all my quivering voice could respond.

"You fear being alone.  Don't you?"  My Heavenly Father said as he stretched out His hand and placed it on my shoulder.

"One's not a good number."  I said.  "It's a very lonely number."

They looked at each other with such compassion, but I also noted a glimmer of humor.  Just then I felt a hand slide into mine.

I looked to my right and standing next to me was a beautiful spirit.  She stood poised and confident and she squeezed my hand.  I responded by squeezing hers.

Holding onto her other hand was another beautiful spirit.  I glanced at her and instantly saw a replica of myself.  I looked down to see her heels dug deeply into the clouds.  She smiled at me and I returned her smile as she looked to her right.  I followed her glance.

Holding on to her hand was a tall, handsome spirit.  He stood tall and protective and you could tell at once how very much he loved the spirits he was with. He was ready to protect them.

He glanced to his right as he held the hand of another beautiful spirit.  She was a calm spirit full of love and knowing.  She smiled at me and I returned once more the smile.  She glancned to her right and there stood another handsome, stalwart spirit. 

He was tall and one could tell instantly, filled with integrity.  He stood as did the first male spirit ready to protect those he loved.  He looked to his right and beheld another beautiful spirit.

She was so full of energy, it was all she could do to stand still.  Her long hair floated in the heavenly breeze.  Holding onto her hand was the seventh beautiful little spirit.

She was a nervous little one....battling a weak stomach.

"Would you feel better if they went with you?"  My Heavenly Brother asked.

I counted....1-2-3-4-5-6-7.  "Seven's a good number."  I replied. 

A small laugh escaped my Heavenly Father.

The love I felt for the seven beautiful spirits was more than I could have imagined.  "I would be so happy to have them go with me."  I said.

With that, my Heavenly Father embraced me and whispered in my ear.

"Go then.  For they will soon follow.  There is another spirit already waiting for you on earth.  He is a good man.  He will love you completely.  He will take good care of you."

He looked into my eyes and with a glint of humor said.  "He thinks you're coming alone."

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