Friday, December 9, 2011

Life with Sophia-The Hitch Hiker

When my brother Chris was a teenager, he and our mom had a argument.....okay, a fight, resulting in Chris running away from home.  He ended up in Oklahoma where our sister lived, but for what must have seemed forever to Mom, she didn't know where Chris was at.  So Mom made a promise to God that if he looked out for Chris, Mom promised to never drive by a hitch hiker.  So many times Mom, my sisters Mary, Jearldine, Emeline, Francis, Lola, and I would take off on road trips and so many times, we would end up crunched together so we could enable a hitch hiker to climb in.  The fact that we always took a dog with us made for an interesting carload.

One day we decided to go from Green River, Wyoming to Manila, Utah and sure enough we came upon a hitch hiker.  Mom pulled over and we girls crunched together to make room but as the guy came up to the car, our dog had a fit.  He barked and growled resulting in Mom telling the guy she was sorry but she wouldn't be able to give him a ride.

As we pulled into Manila and stopped at the Steinaker Store and Gas Station, Mom told the owner, Albert Steinaker, about the hitch hiker and the fact that our dog wouldn't let him get in the car.  She went on to describe the guy and in the course of their conversation found out he was wanted by the police for a murder he had committed in Evanston.   

It seems God was not only looking out for Chris, but he was looking out for us also.  Did the incident make Mom question her promise to God?  Not for a minute.  She still picked up hitch hikers for as long as I can remember.  As for Chris.  Mom's pride kept her from sending Chris money to come back home on, but our Dad did not have a pride problem.  He sent Chris the money and we're certain with help from God, Chris made it home safely.....and so did we.

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