Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Miracle

The cold December wind blew
as she lay there in her bed.
A new born babe lay bundled
in a wood crate by her head.

A teardrop fell as she gazed
beyond her windowsill
to a small white cross she'd placed with love
upon the windy hill.

With fevered brow, she closed her eyes
and the heavens heard her prayer
that Jesus bless her baby
sleeping silent by her there.

She wasn't asking for herself,
but in His wisdom please,
bless her newborn infant
upon this Christmas Eve.

Savior grant this not be time
for her to be called home
for if she were to leave her newborn babe
would be cold and left alone.

She closed her eyes and dreamed she thought
of a lady dressed in white.
The white was pure as Heaven;
her face filled with Heaven's light.

She sang her babe a lullabye
in an angels voice it seemed.
It must just be the fever.
She slept.  T'was just a dream.

Again she woke.  Again she saw
the lady dressed in white.
Peace filled her heart.  Again she slept
'til the morn brought Christmas light.

Her fever gone. Her baby slept
in his crate he lay so small.
She picked him up to find him wrapped
in the lady's pure white shawl.

A note was pinned upon it.
She read and began to cry.
For on it were the words
to the lady's lullabye.

"Hush-a-bye my baby
for on a Christmas morn
in a far off town called Bethlehem
a wee small babe was born.

Hush-a-bye my child
for in a manger in a stall,
a newborn babe was born to man;
a child born to all.

I held His hand when He was born,
searched for Him when He was lost;
And cried out in a mother's pain
when they nailed him to a cross.

Hush-a-bye my wee one.
No harm will come to you.
For my name is Mary of Nazareth
and I loved my baby too."

Copyright 1995
Susie Whiting

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