Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Echo of His Footsteps

I hear the echo of his footsteps
as he walks across the floor.
I hear the rhythm of his breathing,
this man that I adore.

I feel his hand take hold of mine
as I join him in his stride.
I thank God for giving me this man
to walk along my side.

How warm and safe he makes me feel.
He's the reason for my song.
He's my sunshine on a stormy day.
He's the right when things go wrong.

He's my hope for each tomorrow
and memories of days gone by.
When raindrops fall upon my heart,
he's the rainbow in my sky.

He's the father of my children.
Grant one wish and it would be.
That I may hear his footsteps
throughout eternity.

Susie Whiting
Copyright 1987

1 comment:

  1. Your poems are all so touching. They paint a picture as you read them. I think you should have someone record them all and make an album call "Songs from the Heart" of something like that. They would all be top sellers for sure. Love you my friend.