Friday, March 30, 2012

Out into the Universe

I had an opportunity to visit with my daughter Sheree last week.  Sunday morning I took a walk along the dirt road that leads to and away from her house.  As I walked, I came upon a small cemetary; the white headstones sparkling in the early morning sun.  Of course, from a spiritual level, I have my own beliefs of life, death and reason, but this particular morning I was looking at things through more of a scientific frame of mind. 

I have heard comments so often about the affects "thoughts" have on the universe.  "What you send out is what you receive" etc.  As I walked along, I (as so often I do) was thinking about and missing Danny.  I thought of the pain I have felt at his passing and that I must be sending that pain out into the universe.  I looked at all the headstones and knew that at another time, loved ones of these people too were sending out pain and then I thought of time from the beginning.  Loved ones born and loved ones lost.....wars, calamity, famine, illnesses, accidents etc. etc. etc.  Could such immense pain create blackholes or the such?  And what about joy?  The joy one feels with the first kiss, the coming together in marriage, the joy of the birth of a new baby, the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening.  Does that joy help mend up the black holes with tiny silver threads?

I concluded there is just so much we don't know about this thing called life.  We can all hold on to our religious beliefs that help make living more understandable and death more acceptable, but I think when we leave this life we are going to have a "WOW" moment when we realize how little we knew of everything. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Talk

The Talk

by Susie McCormick Whiting on Friday, August 14, 2009 at 9:41am ·
           In the dark and silence of the night, we had a talk, he and I. As ususual, I did the talking as he listened. I told him I didn't understand. It seemed everything that I had once held on so steadfastly to now seemed unimportant. What I had believed so strongly in, disappeared like campfire smoke into mountain air; leaving behind just a hint of smoke to remind me that at one time, the fire had burned. I told him that stepping out of the old comfortable shoe of inherited beliefs, left me lonely, but also free. Should I feel guilty for the change taking place within me? I didn't want to lose my relationship with him. He had been such a part of me for so very long. I told him that I still loved him but I had changed and with the change didn't know if he could still love me.
           He said nothing, the only sound came from the ticking of the clock, rememinding me that time continued to slip by. It would not wait for me to find myself. "Why don't you tell me what's true?" I asked. "Why don't you whisper something in my ear or speak to me in dreams." Reconciled, that I would not hear him speak, I sighed and whispered "I still love you."
          The wind caused the trees to dance in the night causing a soft moan to disturb the silence then as if to keep a rhythm, the rain began to fall; tapping against my window. "Just tell me what to do." I said. "I will do whatever it is you want me to do. I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to disappoint you. You are too important to me. Tell me what I should do. Tell me what I should be. Tell me what you want of me."
           "Just your love." I heard God say.
           And as my footsteps lead me down the hall, to my room, to the sleep that had evaded me, I smiled. The answer was so perfectly simple. The answer to life is love. For with the love of God, all the other pieces of life's puzzle falls perfectly into place. If you love God, you love man. If you love God, you love earth. If you love God, you love self. The complications of religion are simplified if they would only be tied into one beautiful simple package. LOVE

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Too Broke to Pay Attention

To Broke to Pay Attention
2008 Susie Whiting

Verse 1:
My fridge is full of nothing
My cupboards all are bare.
My closet holds just hangers
I’ve nothing much to wear.

My shoes are last year’s style
And my socks are full of holes.
But the times are getting better
At least that’s what I’m told.

I’m too broke to pay attention
To the politicians talk.
They’re so far behind they think they’re ahead
In knowing what people want.

I listen to the both sides
While I’m sitting on this fence.
And I’ll say right now, I’d jump right down
If one showed some common sense.

Verse 2:
They promise “this” then they promise “that.”
Then they’ll promise “this” again.
But gathering up their this and that’s
Won’t put a penny in my hand.

For if they stopped a minute
And thought then they might see.
Their promises won’t see the light of day
If Congress won’t agree.

Repeat Chorus:

They need to reach across the isle.
And stop all the contention
Until they do, then me and you
Will be too broke to pay attention.

When You Lose the one You Need

When You Lose the One You Need
2008 Susie Whiting

Verse 1:
When you lose the one you need
Your world stops turning.
Your life just falls apart
The tears start burning.

Happiness is something
You just can’t believe.
All’s so impossible
When you lose the one you need.


 What do I do? remembering you’re gone.
I’m losing it. I’m barely holding on.
Can’t find the strength to face another day
When I realize that you have gone away
Slowly my heart begins to bleed.
What do you do when you lose the one you need?


Verse 2;
When the reason that you live
is lost in sorrow.
When the dark is just a shelter
From tomorrow

When love becomes a nightmare.
 One that you can’t be freed
That’s what you find
When you lose the one you need.


 Lost in the sea of hopelessness.
Consumed in an ocean full of grief.
What do you do when
You lose the one you need?

Repeat Chorus

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Like the Me I'm Gonna Be

Like the “Me” I’m Gonna Be
Copyright 2009 Susie Whiting

Verse 1:
I was looking in the mirror at a stranger.
One I’d seen so many times before.
She had black eyes, with skin that’s bruised and broken.
I turned, as my baby walked through the door.

She put her arms around me and she held on tight.
And In her tiny voice I heard her say.
You’re still pretty mama. Don’t cry. I still love you.
When I grow up, I’ll be just like you someday.

I looked one last time
at the face that wasn’t mine
And I said.

Yes baby you are and you’re gonna be strong.
You’re gonna stand up for right and not back down from wrong.
You’re gonna be kind. But you’re gonna be tough.
You’ll stand on your own two feet when the going gets rough.

You’re gonna be just like me. You’re gonna be just like me
Like the “me” I’m gonna be.

Verse 2:
I packed our bags and told her to sit in the car.
I said “Wait right here. Mommy will be back.”
I left my wedding ring with my broken dreams there on his pillow.
Then the mirror saw the bad end of a bat.

We left the past fading in the rear view mirror.
I drove fast toward a brand new day.
My little girl looked at me and smiled
And said “Mama. I’m gonna be like you someday.”

I looked back one last time
At a hell that wasn’t mine
And I said

Yes baby you are and you’re gonna be strong.
You’re gonna stand up for right and not back down from wrong.
You’re gonna be kind. But you’re gonna be tough.
You’ll stand on your own two feet when the going gets rough.

You’re gonna be just like me. You’re gonna be just like me
Like the “me” I’m gonna be.