Sunday, June 24, 2012

Motor Oil and Sweat

Sitting here in my dad's old truck
I can almost smell him near.
It's just my imagination
for he's been gone about a year.

He never told me that he loved me
when I was a man or kid
But the smell of motor oil and sweat,
reminds me that he did.

Pre Chorus
When we rebuilt this old Chevy truck
He helped me to understand
That it can take more than three words
To say I love you to a man.
For he would tell me:

Remember boy there’s things
To take care of in this life
Take care of what’s important;
your children and your wife.

Take care of your reputation
Make sure your word is good
always give a little more
that what people think you should

 Stuff can always be replaced
Cry over that which can cry for you.
Raising a good family
Is the best thing you can do.

Rebuilding that old Chevy
He taught me lessons I have kept.
Lessons that were mixed with
motor oil and sweat.


Repeat PreChorus & Chorus

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam Veteran   (Copyright 1996- Susie Whiting)

Hush be still, do you hear it;
It’s the sound of an anguished cry?
A cry that asks the reason
“Why in God’s name did I die?

Why shouldn’t I be remembered?
Why do you speak in shame?
Wasn’t I fighting for the cause of man
and in my country's name?

Why am I scorned rejected
As my comrades too in life
are faced with hypocrites taunting
and criticisms’ knife?

Someone out there hear me,
And let my soul fill no regret
Someone out there hear me
I am a Viet Vet.

Does anyone out there hear me?
If you do then tell me why.
Hush listen do you hear that?
It’s a lonely soldier’s cry.

Hush my lonely soldier
Yes I can tell you why.
I can tell you why you fought the fight.
I can you why you die.

You heeded to your country’s call
For in a distant land
Were those locked in persecution
but it was you who took the stand

You gave your all to your country’s call.
With your brothers you fought true.
So rest each one, our country’s sons
You’ve the respect now that you’re due.

You’re not scorned, you’re not rejected,
so go to God above
Go with your country’s thanks
Go with your country’s love.

Hush now do you hear it
In the dark of night it’s still
The crying now is quiet
on cemetery hill.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sophia's Story

Sophia's Story
Copyright - June 1980

Listen dear folks and you will hear the story of why we're gathered here.
Now let your minds travel back in time, back further...and that's just fine.

The scene is heaven so long ago
Spirits lined up as far as can go
"What's taking so long?" One asked with a nod.
"Oh just be patient.  Sophia's talking to God."

"Now Sophia, you understand don't you?
You understand what you're to do.
It won't be easy...this trip to earth
but if you go, you'll prove your worth."

"Yes, I understand and don't you see
I have a little gypsy in me.
So let's get going, I hate being slow."
Yes.  This is what happened so long ago.

So Sophia traded in halo and wings
and all of her other Heavenly things.
She waved goodbye as she passed through the door.
That was November 11, 1904.

Scene two takes place after many years.
Sophia's seen smiles, heartache and tears
but lo and behold as was in God's tune,
down to Sophia, God sent June.

She was a bundle of joy
A basket of bliss.
So to add to her pleasure
God sent Sophia Chris.

A cute little boy
full of mischief and love.
God saw Sophia loved him
so Henry came from above.

When God saw that three
caused not much dilema,
He blessed her again
and sent Mary Emma.

As Sophia wiped the
sweat from her brow.
She wondered what God
had in store for her now.

She said "Wait a minute.
This is a little bit scary.
I've got June and Chris
and Henry and Mary.

So I'll refrain from more blessings
if it isn't much trouble.
She shouldn't have said that
Cause she got zapped double.

Jeri and Emy
came down to rest.
Now Sophia was really
being put to the test.

But she loved each one.
She was proving her grit.
So God sent her Franny.
"Now wait a minute....that's it!!"

Seven's enough..wait a minute...go slow.
Are You sure I agreed to this long ago.
"Yes Sophia, you agreed on that Heavenly Day,
plus a little bit He sent Lola May.

With eight was an armful.
A year went by.
Then two, then three
Sophia let out a sigh

The fourth came and went.
She felt good with stuff.
She finally felt God
had blessed her enough.

But then in five years
blessing nine came to earth it.
Could she stand it???? You Bet!!!
Because Susie was worth it.

So Sophia was tested
and she came out blue steel.
She had kept up her faith.
She and kept up her will.

She took all life's hardships
and she beat them all.
She stood up proud
and she stood up tall.

Then on June the 10th of 1980
God said "Well done"  to this lovely lady.
He called her home, gave back halo and wings
and all of her other Heavenly things.

So if you wonder about Sophia
just give a smile and a nod.
It's for certain she's up there
talking to God.