Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to Danny - December 14, 2011

Hello Honey:

I went to New Hampshire with Raineee today.  I knew you would want me to go. That's how you've been for such a long time now.  You just wanted to make me happy and guess what succeeded. 

Rainee was sleeping as we were on the plane.  It gave me time to remember some more.  I thought of your trip in 2009 to England and Scotland.  First of all you had never expressed any desire to go to a foreign country.  You were content to head to the mountains or go on road trips where ever we decided to point the car. 

We had so much fun touring London with Rainee and then taking off by ourselves to see Scotland.  Little did I know then that you were carrying with you a clot that would cause a heart attack three months later.  I love thinking about us walking in the rain in Glasgow and boarding the train that would take us to Edinburgh.  I never dreamed you would enjoy going on a tour bus, but how you loved our tour through the Highlands.  I still smile when I recall our stopping at Loch Ness and you telling me you were going to use me to troll for "Nessie".  Knowing you, had we gone out fishing for "Nessie" you would have been the one to catch her.

When we boarded the plane, I wondered how you would like the flight across the ocean but I was so surprised and happy to see how much you enjoyed everything.  But after all Honey, that is one of the things I loved most about you....your ability to love everything.

I think about your building your carving shed up in Alaska.  You wanted and needed a place that you could get in to do your carving that would protect you from the -40 degree weather in winter so you decided to build your own shed.  I was concerned about your taking on such a project when you weren't feeling well, but you never let it get you down.  Some people might not understand that in Alaska people don't sit their garbage out on the curb to be picked up.  Instead, they take it to what is called "Transfer Sites"; an enclosed area where the animals can be kept at bay.

 Everyday you would take a trip the to Transfer Sites and every day you would bring back items discarded by others with which to build your shed.  I have always been in awe of your ability to set your mind at something and then be steadfast in seeing it through.  You proved this true once more as piece by piece and bit by bit you collected and put together discarded items and turned them into the cutest little carving shed complete with a barrel stove.  

I am still in awe of how you lived your life and the determination you had.  When others would give perservered.  When others said it couldn't be done, you did it. 

I love you my darling.  I was proud to be your wife and I am still.

I'll love you Far Beyond the 12th of Never.


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