Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Star

Once upon a time
so very long ago
there was a little star in heaven
that had just a little glow.

The other stars laughed at him.
They said it wasn't right
that he be there in the heaven's sky
when he didn't give much light.

The little star grew so sad.
He felt his heart would break in two.
So he asked his God in heaven.
"Please tell me what to do.

How can I shine more glorious?
How can I grow more light
so I can be important
and light up the heaven's night?"

He heard his Father speak to him
in a kind, gentle voice above.
"The secret little star of mine
is to love and love and love."

"Oh God, my Father tell me
is that all that I must do?
Then that will be so easy
I'll just love all as I love You."

Heavenly Father smiled at him.
"Don't worry little son.
If you love all as you love me,
for you a glorious time will come."

Years and years, they came, they passed
and the little star did love.
His little light grew and grew
'Til he was the brightest star above.

And then one blessed evening
so very long ago,
the little star was chosen
to cast it's wondrous glow

Over a little town called Bethlehem;
above a lowly stall:
To proclaim the birth of Christ the Lord
The newborn King of all.

Copyright 1995
Susie Whiting

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