Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Donkey

He was just a little donkey standing humbly in his stall;
not feeling very special and important...not at all.
"Look at us!" came a voice from two grand stallions in the street.
Their manes with braided gold, shoes of silver on their feet.

Each wore a regal headdress made with feathers crimson red.
"We're the carriers of his Magesty."  The closest stallion said.
"It's too bad you're just a donkey.  Don't you wish that you could be
a stallion as grand as we two are; and carry his Magesty."

"You've been blessed," the little donkey said, "to be a horse so fine.
Thank you for stopping to talk to me.  Thank you for taking time."
The two grand stallions galloped off; their manes floating in the breeze.
The little donkey lay in the hay, content to be just he.

He closed his eyes as dark grew nigh.  Peace filled up his soul.
He thought of the Magesty's stallions with mane braided up with gold.
Although it was dark, he awakened, surrounded by a glorious light.
He heard a voice as sweet as song, speak to him in the night.

"Arise little donkey, how humble you are. God has seen you here.
He's chosen you to be the one.  Come and feel no fear.
A virgin named Mary is great with child, and has many miles to go.
Come little donkey and loan her your back.  Be careful with her...go slow.

Carry her gently to Bethlehem.  You've been chosen by God above,
Because you are gentle, because you are kind, because you are humble and love.
Rise little donkey, humble servant of God.  Your goodness will hear angels sing.
For you've been chosen to be the one.  You shall carry the King."

The little donkey did as was told, feeling blessed to be the one
to carry the virgin to Bethlehem; to witness the birth of her Son.
While in his stall in Bethlehem, the stallions galloped up by his side.
"Why if it isn't the donkey of Nazareth."  They both said with haughty pride.

"What brings you here to Bethlehem?"  Then in voices they seemed to sing.
"We carry the servants of Caesar, doing the work of the King."
"I" said the humble donkey, in a voice that the stallions awed,
"Have witnessed the birth of Christ the Lord.  I've carried the Son of God."

Copyright 1995
Susie Whiting

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