Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Mansion of Manor Hill

Majestically it towered
upon spacious Manor Hill.
There in all it's glory
it stood, gallant, bold and still.

The very best was used to build it,
at not one expense was spared,
from its massive marble staircase
to its chrystal chandeliers.

There within its mighty pillars
there was but one man left alone
to abide in all its glory
in this mansion made of stone.

Down along the "south side";
the wrong side of the tracks,
there stood a little three room house
not much more than a shack.

But there within its rail-tied walls
was a family some called poor.
They had furniture of orange crates,
beds of blankets on the floor.

But the joy of childrens' laughter
that through love had given birth,
made this little shack a mansion
a part of heaven here on earth.

While within the mighty pillars
where only loneliness would dwell
turned the gracious mansion of Manor Hill
into a living hell.

So fill your home with love and laughter
and on this you can rely,
you'll hold far greater treasures
than all the wealth on earth can buy.

Susie Whiting
Copyright 1980

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  1. Your heart of gold shines through in all your poems. :)