Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Letter to Danny- December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Darling.

Again today I did as I did once forty-eight years ago:  I drove along listening to "I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You.  I couldn't help the tears that fell so I reached across to your side of the seat and held my hand out and imagined you placing yours in mine as you did so many times before.  The pain of love can sometimes seem unbearable. 

"Merry Christmas."  I know that at times the words seem hollow to me this year but I am trying to imagine what Christmas must be like where you are at.

In my mind I see you listening as angel voices sing "In Excelsis Dio" or esquisite melodies so beautiful that we here can not imagine.  I try to capture the joy felt there, as all in paradise celebrate the gift of the Holy One.

This will be your first Christmas there since seventy-one years ago.  Did you recall the celebration?  My Christmas wish this year my love is that wherever you are, you are surrounded by loved ones, you feel the joy of the holiday season and that somewhere up there you can find yourself a piece of mince meat pie. 

Our Alaska children are gathering at Haley's tonight.  They are missing us this year but they will make the best of things.  That is how we raised them.   Our Utah children will gather at Mark's tonight and our Idaho family will spend theirs in the warmth and comfort of their own home.  We are all well Darling.  As you know, the homes of our families will be loud with talk and laughter and antics and if you were here I can hear you say "What a bunch of loons."  But you would say it smiling  as you reached over and took my hand. 

You enjoyed the holiday season so much.  I recall when you had a company party back in the 70's how you had me sing "This is What Christmas is All About" to your friends.  You made me so happy with the pride you had in me for the songs I wrote.  You always let me know you were proud of me.  What a wonderful gift for a man to give his wife...pride in her. 

Well Honey.  It is getting dark outside.  If it were many years ago when our children were little, they would not be able to get up Christmas morning until the street lights had gone out.  (Another memory). 

You blessed me with a wonderful gift each and every Christmas for fifty loved me.  Thank you Darling for your love.  Wherever you are this holiday season my love for you has followed you there.

Merry Christmas Honey.

Far Beyond the 12th of Never.

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