Saturday, December 10, 2011

Faith in a Friend

The blizzard had come without warning
on this cold, dark Christmas Eve.
She hung her last decoration
and placed the star on her Christmas tree.

The feeling she had was unsettling
as she reached and turned out the light.
She couldn't help but feel the danger
on this cold pre-Christmas night.

She knelt down by her bedside.
Her faith had brought her there.
She cupped her hands and closed her eyes
and Heaven heard her prayer.

"My kind and Holy Father
I feel that something's just not right.
Harm is threatening a loved one.
I feel danger in the night.

Please God bless my children.
Bless each near and far away.
Please shield them with Thy blessing
and protect them on their way.

If any I love be in danger,
be it family or friend,
to all I love and cherish,
Please a guardian angel send.

You've heard my prayers so often.
You have been my staff in life;
Sheltered me in hardship,
held my hand throughout all strife.

Sometimes I've not deserved it.
This I know.  I won't pretend.
But even when I've let you down,
you've stayed by me my Friend.

My days on earth are numbered.
There's not time for me to earn
the blessings that i ask of Thee
until my soul to Thee returns.

But I love Thee God my Father.
I love Thee true my friend.
And if it be Thy will, please bless me still
in the name of Jesus Christ....Amen.

Her prayer had lasted throughout the night
and as the Christmas morn grew warm,
she still prayed that her loved ones
would be safe from fear or harm.

The phoone rang "Merry Christmas Mom.
Did you hear what happened last night.
That blizzard brought down an avalanche.
Don't worry though....we're alright.

How it missed us Mom, we'll never know.
Well Merry Christmas Mom, I'd better go.
Don't worry about us..Hey please don't cry.
We love you too.  See you soon..Bye Bye.

And as his voice came to an end
she whispered "Thanks again my Friend."

Copyright 1995
Susie Whiting

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  1. I get goose bumps every time I read your posts! Do you have wings? (meaning..... I think you're an angel) LOL