Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Jewels

And as I prepared to leave the pre-existence, I gazed upon my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother knowing that it would be a mortal life time before I again came back to the comfort of Their love.

"But" I said, "You know how it hurts me to be along.  I am afraid."

It was then my Heavenly Father laid within my hands seven jewels.  Their radiance outshined the stars in the heavens.

"These are yours my child."  my Heavenly Father said.  "With them you will never be alone."

And then my Heavenly Mother took the jewels and placed them in the spirit of my being and they came to rest just below my heart.

"Now go my daughter."  I was told.  "Know that at a time foretold, each of these jewels will be born of love and you will recognize each as Our gift to you.

Jewel # 1 - Susan

And as foretold, my jewels came and she was lovely.  A complicated gift of God, so full of life, so full of love, so mystical that she even scares herself at times; so knowing that she has a special purpose on this earth that she grows impatient to wait as we all must do, to be molded by God's great plan until we are what we started out to be.

She gives love.  She is beautiful and I am not alone.

Jewel # 2 - Shannon

An image of myself is born; full of bubbles ready to burst in laughter.  She makes me feel warm inside; and with that warmth I feel peace.   I look at her and I feel as though I have a special chance to be the things I have not yet nor ever might be.

Through her I shall live forever.  She gives me "me" and I am not alone.

Jewl # 3 - Daren

Oh precious jewel, you are composed of so many things I do not understand; Full of desires I shall never know except by you unpon this earth.  And so I am given a gift by you, to seek out those things of which I know nothing.  Because of you I will gain wisdom.  How blessed I am to wear such a jewel in my crown.

I feel your strength and I am not alone.

Jewel # 4 - Sheree

Full of sweetness she is.  So ready to express the abundance of love she feels inside.  There is no pretense.  She is what she is and I learn from her to like myself.  She will fill my soul forever with love and honesty  She is here and I am more alive.

I feel her joy and I am not alone.

Jewel # 5 - Mark

Oh precious, undemanding jewel.  You teach me patience.  How many times you have waited silently.  But presense can be felt through silence as can strength.  You are there and I feel the presense of your being.

Your gift of patience I accept wtih love.

And I am not alone.

Jewel # 6 - Rainee

Oh precious one, so full of energy, so full of life, so ready to run life's race before the gun goes off.  You make me feel alive.  Your confidence is catching and through you I feel nothing is impossible.  You're full of smiles and expectations  You give me hope that the best of life is yet to come.

And I am not alone.

Jewel # 7 - Haley

Jewel full of tenderness.  How much wisdom hides behind those still young eyes.  Understanding without words, you know what fills another's heart.  You are wise and teach me that wisdom does not necessarily come from the age of one's life--but the age of one's soul.  Your wisdom I accept with love.

And I am not alone.

Yes, as foretold, my jewels came one by one.  My preciouls gifts carried within my being from a pre-existence hidden beyond the veil.  Each came and each gave to me things that without them I would nevern have known.  How precious they are.

And I am not alone.

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