Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Letter to Danny - December 17-2011

Hi Darling:

Well Rainee and I made it to Boston and then to Salem yesterday.  We visited the home of your about 11th great grandfather Nathaniel Hawthorne  How I wished you could have been there with us.  I know you would have enjoyed everything about the trip. 

The days are slipping by honey.  I don't know where you are in the vast unknown of heaven, I hope wherever you are you are feeling well and are happy and are surrounded by all of the people who love you.  I have wondered if you have felt the need for me.  You know honey, being with each other for so long, there have been many times when we have needed each other.  I wonder if my being there would have made your transition easier or harder.  I guess it doesn't matter wondering though does it Darling.  We are where we are and all I have the power to do is to love you continuously...which sure doesn't prove to be a problem with me. 

Christmas is just a week away.  I hope everyone will forgive me if I'm not in as festive mood as they are used to seeing me in at this time of year.  How I have loved the Christmas' past.  Without you though, the Christmas present will not be the same.  I keep hearing that time is a great healer, but somehow I am afraid to heal.  I'm afraid if I do, it will just separate us more and being further from you is more than I can bear at the time.  Time.....we will see.

Wherever you are my love, whatever the process you are going through, know that here in this time, here in this place is the woman whose heart you still carry with you.

Far Beyond the 12th of Never.

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