Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life with Sophia - Show Time

I remember the first movie I ever saw. It was with Henry Fonda. I can't remember the name of it, but I remember the song that was in it: " Write me a letter. Send it by mail. Send it in care of the Burmingham jail"

I recall going to the Isis theater in Green River (It was the only theater.). Tickets were ten cents but we didn't always have enough for everyone to have a seat, so we would often set two to a seat. (That was permitted back then.) I can remember that as much as I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the fact the whole family would be there together. I recall one time my brother Chris came in after the lights had gone down.  Instead of walking up and down the isle looking for us, he got up on the stage with his arm full of boxes of popcorn and yelled out "Hey Mom...Where are you."  When he saw us sitting there he proceded to throw boxes of popcorn at us. 

One time we went to see Doris Day in one of her many musicals.  At that time, they had "Follow the bouncing ball" where the words to the songs would show up on the screen and a ball would bounce from word to word keeping in time with the tune.  This one movie had "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" being the song and Chris once again got up on stage and lead the entire audience in their singing. 

When we moved to Provo, movies were still our biggest means of entertainment, but we went to the outdoor drive-in theaters then.  If I said we were much to honest to ever sneak anyone in, I would not be being truthful.  We did. 

One evening, Mom, Lola, Lola's boyfriend Bob Hout and once again Chris and I went to the drive in movie.  Bob and Chris were kneeled down in the back seat with a blanket over them.  I was sitting on the seat.  Just as we got to the ticket counter, Chris made Bob aware of the "gas" he had been holding.  Poor Bob.  He held his breath as long as possible, came out from under the blanket with a red face and gagging but not before Mom had purchased the tickets and we were well away from the counter.

It's funny what decides the memories we will keep and which one we will hide in the recesses of our minds.  I'm just so very thankful that I have the ones I have to keep me company.

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