Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Peace

In a little town in Europe
 in 1942
Laid a world at war, no peace in store.
There was no hope in view.

In a war-torn cottage, she lived alone.
Death and grief lay all around.
Her home stood amid the rubble
of a devastated town.

Within her walls, two soldiers sat.
Their guns beside them lie.
Nervously they waited.
They were the Allied side.

A table sat before them.
She'd share her meager meal.
It was Christmas Eve.  She knew Christ's love
and this would be His will.

A knock...a pound..came at her door.
The two men jumped in fear.
She raised her hand and bid them calm.
They would not find trouble here.

As she unlatched her door, two Nazi's stood;
stern but very young.
She bid them enter her humble home,
but would they first lay down their guns?

It was Christmas Eve and for just one night,
Christ was commander here.
The world at war was left outside her door
as the four met and felt no fear.

It was Christmas Eve as four young men
set their differences aside.
They shared a meal, blessed by God's will
and each felt peace that night.

They slept the four, upon the floor
and as the morn brought Christmas light.
Shook hands and bid a sad farewell;
now friends..not foe in fight.

'Twas Christmas Eve not so long ago
that the spirit of Christ reigned true.
God grant us all the peace that lived
in that cottage in '42.

Susie Whiting
Copyright 1995

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