Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 2, 2011

We went through all the motions today; your children and I and I think our actions would have made you proud.  It was a celebration of your life but the tears flowed and hearts ached.  We spoke of our love for you, of lessons learned and memories made.  Did you hear what we had to say?  Did you feel what was in our hearts?  Were you standing there hidden behind a veil we could not see?  Did you smile at our recollections?  Does your heart ache where you are at?  Do you try to get my attention with a thought or a breeze?  Do you place a silent kiss upon my cheek?  If I reached out my hand could you place yours in mine, even though I could not feel it?  I slip into the jacket that you wore and imagine it’s your arms that I feel wrapped around me although they be my own.  But I will pretend it’s you and for a while feel peace.

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