Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daren's Letter - March 31, 2013

Happy Easter my darling boy.

Do you have any idea how much I am going to miss you today.  If you get a chance, keep watch.  I am making the lemon Jello you liked so much with ham.  Remember.  You made it for Thanksgiving.  Although I walked you through the recipe, step by step via telephone from Utah, you said you managed it into tasting like lemon rubber bands.  Well keep watch today honey.  I'm certain you will notice the two or three steps you forgot last November.

How I miss your way with words.  I'm certain if you could tell us about the day you died, you would say you were "Hi Fiving the hand of God." 

I will think today about the last time you shared in the Egg-mazing race with me here in Alaska.  After finding one of the clues, it told you to head back to Haley's house.  When you all got there, you had to participate in a relay race where you would run from point "A" to point "B" while jumping through a hula hoop.  Watching you manipulate your 6'3" frame through that hula hoop was truly amazing (and pretty darn funny).  And I can still picture you in the game where you had to put a pair of panty hose on your head which had a ball in the end of one toe.  By sheer talent of swinging your head, you had to knock over some plastic bowling pins.  I close my eyes and I can see you (and hear you).  The memory makes me laugh...and then cry. 

I love you my darling boy and I miss you more than any of my words could say. 

Your boys are coming over the Shannon's today.  We will be having the race again and they will be filled with good food and good fun.  We will take care of them, this first Easter without you.

You must know already how very much you are loved by all of us and missed so dearly.  You were such an important cog of our family wheel.  Now you are gone, the wheel doesn't roll quite right anymore.  Our family rolls on through life, but the journey is harder, not so smooth without you. 

Come and be with us today.  Let your boys feel your presence in the truck as they head out looking for the hidden clues.  Let them hear you cheering for them as they make their ways through the obstacle courses.  Sit next to them as they share the family dinner of ham, potato salad, lemon Jello and the rest of the trimmings.  Help them to be happy honey.  Help them to be safe.  Help inspire them from where you are to do those things that are good and right and will help make for them, happy and successful lives. 

And if you get a chance, let me here you whisper "I love you Mom." 

For I love you, Daren.


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