Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Letter to Danny - March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Honey:

Your potato salad is done; just the way you like it, just the way I've made it for 49 years.  A ham you would be proud of is in the oven and yes we will be doing the Egg-mazing Race this year.  Your bunch of loons will be playing their parts.

You know my love, how much I miss you.

Remember when we started our Egg-mazing Race.  Our kids were teenagers and too old for the Easter Bunny so we came up with a "scavenger hunt".  We hid eggs all around Provo.  With clues in hand, the kids jumped in their cars and as teams and set off to find the eggs.  The first ones back won the grand Easter basket filled with treats and theater tickets.  Susan was twenty-one then.  She was forty-four at the last one we held in Utah.  She was driving "her team" as they headed out to the Mona Reservoir to collect that clue.  Everyone was passing her as she went as fast as her "ill" car would take her.  The others all pulled down the road that led to the clue and as Susan pulled up behind them, she parked straddle the road so they couldn't get out.  What she didn't have in cars, she had in brains. 

When they finished the auto part of the race, they made it back to the house where each team needed a member to dress in the Easter Bunny costume.  They donned their white long handle underwear with the net bath sponge pinned on as a tail, and their bunny ears affixed.  They had to hop down under the little hill into the pasture where their team mates would throw them eggs.  They had to catch three eggs, put the eggs in their baskets and hop back to the house.  What they didn't know was the eggs were raw. 

All of our kids were always such good sports.  It didn't matter how silly we made things, they always joined in.  I don't think they realized then, what these memoires would mean to me years down the road. 

And now, our grandchildren are all grown too except for one.  We will no longer be hiding 600 eggs in your hay fields for them to find like we did at our Payson house; riding around on your four wheeler covering the five eight acres.  Because they are now young adults and teenagers they will continue the tradition with choosing up teams, jumping in their cars and searching Fairbanks for clues.  There will be a void created by not having our Utah and Idaho kids here, but most of all by my not having you and Daren here. 

But you will be here in my heart honey.  You are here in my memories.  How thankful I am to have them.

Throughout the day, I will think of you; think of you both.  I will feel the pain of my loss, but I will be thankful that through the spirit of this holiday, I know that sometime, someplace, somewhere, I will be with you again.

Be with me today honey.  Be with me and watch your loons.

I love you.

Far Beyond the 12th of Never.


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