Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daren's Song "Dance with the Devil"

For all of my readers, you have probably already read the story of my son; Daren's Story.  Below is a link to Daren's Song "Dance with the Devil".  I wrote the lyrics to this song once when Daren had told me he danced with the devil everyday.  This was said regarding his struggle with his addiction to opiates. 

Tyler York, family friend and brother-in-law to my daughter Haley, wrote the music and recorded it.  My daughter Haley paid for the recording costs, so it is a family project that has our heart and soul wrapped up in it. 

Please take a minute to listen and to share.  We will have it available to download in the very near future.  Thank you for your support.

I love you Daren.

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