Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daren's Story - Chapter 6

The reason I called the police from the 7-11 was so they wouldn't be able to trace the call back to us.  I had only been on the phone for a few minutes so I was surprised, confused and afraid when I had turned back onto our block and saw a police car sitting three houses down.  Two policeman were sitting watching our house.

It's strange how I can remember the dark haired one.  He wasn't very tall, maybe 5'9", medium build.  His hair wasn't real short, but well-cut.  It framed a somewhat square face.  He would usually be the one driving.  It was always the same two I saw cruising our street, or watching us through binoculars; binoculars  they would hide whenever anyone drove by.  When they weren't watching directly from our street, they would be up on Grandview Hill watching us from there.  They didn't know that we were watching them, watch us, through Danny's spotting scope.

I wondered how they had found out so fast.  I had given no names on the phone.  Only relayed the telephone number of the supplier.  But in the matter of minutes, these two policemen were there...watching.

You hadn't left the house for several days.  You laid on our bedroom floor curled into the fetal position, you were shaking.  You sounded so congested; hardly able to breath through your nose.  I thought you had come down with a bad cold or the flu so I called the hospital emergency room.  I told them you were coming off cocaine and seemed to have a very bad cold.  I asked if it would be okay if you took a cold remedy.  The nurse told me the symptoms were that of withdrawal.

I sat down on the floor by you and laid your head in my lap.

"I've made such a mess of things, Mom," you said.

"It's not the measure of a man to not have problems," I told you.  "It's the measure of a man on how he deals with the ones he has."

While your dad had suffered his depression, I felt like I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.  I had never been to a psychic, or astrologer before, but I was looking for that light, so I went to a lady that did astrology.  Being a sceptic at heart, I didn't give her any information I felt would "plant" a response from her.  I gave her your dad's birthdate and time of birth, mine, and each one of my children's birth information.  That was all the information she had.  She took my children's computer printout and laid them one on top of the other.

"This is strange," she said.  "I have heard of this before, but I have never seen one."

"What is it?" I asked.  She went on to explain how each of your stars lined up.  I didn't understand what she was meaning.  It was far too complicated for me.

"So what does that mean, exactly?" I asked.

"Your children have a very special bond," she replied.  "They chose to come to earth as a "group".

I watched my children as they functioned through this difficult time in our lives and that bond was so evident.  There was no self pity.  It was more "Okay.  What do we do now."

Your two youngest sisters were not allowed to go anywhere without one of us with them.  If they even wanted to go two houses down the street, they would get in the truck and your Dad and I would take them.  We needed to know where your siblings were going to be at all times.  We had no idea of what those of the cartel you were involved in, would stoop to.  Our lives had become a movie...a mystery one that we didn't know the ending to.

Were we handling things right or had our actions made things worse?  I was beginning to wonder.

- to be continued -

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