Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Search

The Christmas Search 
© 1997 Susie Whiting 

“Johnny show me Christmas.” 
He heard his little brother say. 
“Tonight is Christmas Eve 
and it’s just a night away.” 

“Christmas is just another day, 
Besides, you’re very ill. 
Just keep warm and get your strength 
And then next year I will.” 

“No. Johnny. Christmas just can’t wait. 
Let’s go find it now. 
If you just help me a little bit 
I know I can make it somehow.” 

Johnny looked at the box car 
That he and his brother both called home. 
It was all two orphaned boys could have 
And not even theirs’ to own. 

His brother was seeking Christmas. 
Where on earth could it possibly be? 
But this might be his one last wish, 
so he would take him out to see. 

“Come get on my back,” Johnny said. 
“if that’s what you want to do. 
I’ll carry you out to find Christmas 
If it’s that important to you.” 

The mansion sat high on Manor Hill, 
You could hear the music play. 
The guests arrived in fine attire, 
pulled by a horse drawn sleigh. 

The smell of roast goose and dressing 
sailed in the Christmas air. 
If they could ever find Christmas, 
surely they’d find it there. 

His brother didn’t feel heavy, 
as he broke a path in the new fallen snow. 
He could see the tree in the window. 
They hadn’t much farther to go. 

Johnny lifted his brother down gently. 
He laid his coat on the snow on the ground. 
“Sit here and peak through the window. 
Be careful and don’t make a sound.” 

Mistletoe hung from each doorway. 
Garland was laced down each stair. 
The treetop reached clear to the ceiling. 
The very grandest were there. 

“Oh Johnny I’m glad we found Christmas. 
It’s everything I thought it would be. 
I’ve often wondered what Christmas is like. 
Thank you for showing me.” 

“What are you two doing here?” 
The voice behind them said. 
“I don’t recall inviting you. 
Why aren’t you home I bed?” 

“Oh please, don’t be mad at Johnny. 
It’s all my fault you see. 
I asked him to help me find Christmas. 
He brought me here to show me.” 

“What’s wrong with you my child? 
You don’t look well at all. 
Johnny, help me up with your brother. 
Let’s carry him into the hall.” 

As they lifted him up, his fevered brow 
brushed against the gentleman’s head. 
He carried him up the staircase and 
laid him down in a down-filled bed. 

“Johnny go fetch the doctor. 
Right by his bed I will stay. 
Tell him to hurry as fast as he can. 
Don’t worry about the pay. 

Your brother’s going to be better. 
You’re so good to him, and kind. 
If it’s Christmas that he’s looking for, 
Then it’s Christmas he will find.” 

The years they came and years they past 
The two boys in the mansion stayed, 
blessed by the spirit of Christmas 
They found on that special day. 

Yes, Johnny and his brother found Christmas 
and never from them did it part. 
So if you happen to be searching for Christmas, 
make sure to look in the heart. 

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