Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Letter to Danny - December 4, 2012

Good Morning Honey:

Last night I sat in the middle of my bed with our "love letters" strewn around me; letters written when you were the Army.  I read each one of yours and then kissed it before I laid it down.  Each one of mine written to you had printed on the back of the envelope WWAPSWAKGBTOWOT which you and I knew meant:  Written With A Pen.  Sealed With A Kiss.  God Bless The One Who Opens This.

My hand writing then was that of a seventeen year old girl, not that of the woman I am today.  I evolved in so many ways by being your wife.  My handwriting, like myself, became better by being with you.

This morning I sit in the middle of my bed writing once again to you.  We have gone full circle, Honey.  You are gone and I am loving and missing you hanging onto you with letters.

The structure of my letters now, are not much different from what they were then.  There would be a tidbit of information surrounded mostly by "I Love You So Much" and "I Miss You So Bad" as there are in these letters.  It was true then as it is now.

I'm even listening to Johnny Mathis singing Christmas carols this morning.  Of course, today I listen through the miracle of technology.  I downloaded his album into Itunes instead of putting the big round 33 1/3 record we use to have onto the record player. 

This time my love, I do not wait for you to come home to me.  No matter how often I look out the window, I will not see the headlights of your truck pulling into my driveway.  This time my love, you need to wait for me.  I hope my letters to you can span the dimensions that separate us.  (Miles were so much easier than dimensions.)  I hope you can read them and know, that like 48 years ago, you have a girl who loves you with all her heart, holding on until she can be with you again. 

If this letter were printed, you would find on the back WWAPSWAKGBTOWOT and you would see that it was kissed.

I love you my Darling and I will

Longer than the 12th of Never.


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