Friday, March 30, 2012

Out into the Universe

I had an opportunity to visit with my daughter Sheree last week.  Sunday morning I took a walk along the dirt road that leads to and away from her house.  As I walked, I came upon a small cemetary; the white headstones sparkling in the early morning sun.  Of course, from a spiritual level, I have my own beliefs of life, death and reason, but this particular morning I was looking at things through more of a scientific frame of mind. 

I have heard comments so often about the affects "thoughts" have on the universe.  "What you send out is what you receive" etc.  As I walked along, I (as so often I do) was thinking about and missing Danny.  I thought of the pain I have felt at his passing and that I must be sending that pain out into the universe.  I looked at all the headstones and knew that at another time, loved ones of these people too were sending out pain and then I thought of time from the beginning.  Loved ones born and loved ones lost.....wars, calamity, famine, illnesses, accidents etc. etc. etc.  Could such immense pain create blackholes or the such?  And what about joy?  The joy one feels with the first kiss, the coming together in marriage, the joy of the birth of a new baby, the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening.  Does that joy help mend up the black holes with tiny silver threads?

I concluded there is just so much we don't know about this thing called life.  We can all hold on to our religious beliefs that help make living more understandable and death more acceptable, but I think when we leave this life we are going to have a "WOW" moment when we realize how little we knew of everything. 

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