Saturday, April 7, 2012

How Wonderful

How Wonderful
How wonderful that the man from Galilee
Who healed the lame and caused the blind to see
He who called the dead to stand and walk again
That He who was born was to die for every man

Oh How wonderful,
That he loves me.

It was for me that in Gethsemane
He cried.
It was for me on a cross on Calvary
He died.
It was for me that He washed away my sins
Tore open gates of Hell that I might live again.

It was for me
Because He loved me.

How wonderful; He who caused the dumb to talk.
That He who told the ill “lift up your bed and walk.”
He who raised His hand and calmed the stormy sea.
Then with his love, He calms the storms in me.

Oh, How wonderful.
That he loves me.

Repeat Chorus:

How wonderful. That He loves me.

Susie Whiting © 2007

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