Sunday, March 4, 2012

Too Broke to Pay Attention

To Broke to Pay Attention
2008 Susie Whiting

Verse 1:
My fridge is full of nothing
My cupboards all are bare.
My closet holds just hangers
I’ve nothing much to wear.

My shoes are last year’s style
And my socks are full of holes.
But the times are getting better
At least that’s what I’m told.

I’m too broke to pay attention
To the politicians talk.
They’re so far behind they think they’re ahead
In knowing what people want.

I listen to the both sides
While I’m sitting on this fence.
And I’ll say right now, I’d jump right down
If one showed some common sense.

Verse 2:
They promise “this” then they promise “that.”
Then they’ll promise “this” again.
But gathering up their this and that’s
Won’t put a penny in my hand.

For if they stopped a minute
And thought then they might see.
Their promises won’t see the light of day
If Congress won’t agree.

Repeat Chorus:

They need to reach across the isle.
And stop all the contention
Until they do, then me and you
Will be too broke to pay attention.

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