Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday's breeze no longer blows against my face.
I no longer feel the warmth of the past's sun.
Last years autumn leaves have fallen to the ground.
Rain that hit the desert can't be found.

Time is causing clouds to cover memories
that once were so vibrant yesterday.
Emotions creating acts of love or hate,
in the mist of the past now slip away.

The door to yesterday has now been closed and locked.
The lock on the outside has no key.
I watched as you closed the door behind you
and felt as you slipped away from me.

But the one thiing that cannot be barred by yestedays
that slips through the portals of all time,
that connects the two of us as by a golden cord
that keeps you here today and being mine.

"Love" transcends the past, today, tomorrow
and stetches on into eternity
This precious gift I tuck so tightly in my heart
as it enables you to stay with me.

Copyright Pending
Susie Whiting - 2012

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful. Your mind never slows down does it. :) It's just what the doctor ordered.