Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mama's Talk with God

It was in the 1950's that Mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  The options back then were few.  She was sent to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake for radium treatments since she refused "to go under the knife".  The treatments however proved ineffective as my brother Henry was called to come to the hospital.

The doctors told Henry that they had done all possible for Mom, but it had not been enough.  They told Henry to take Mom home and make her as comfortable as possible that she would not live much longer.

But there was one thing the doctors didn't know.  The night before they called Henry, Mom said she had a dream....or she thought she had a dream.  In it, she was surrounded by a beautiful light, more glorious than anything she had ever seen and she heard the most wonderful music.  She said she knew she was in the presense of God.  She asked God to let her live long enough to see her children raised.  At that time there was Mary, Emeline, Jearldine, Francis, Lola and I at home.  Then she awoke from her dream.

Henry did as the doctors had instructed.  He took Mom home to our little house on 500 South and 500 West (better known by our family as the McCord house.)  He and our sister-in-law Lue went to B&H Pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions Mom would need.  When they came back, they went to the bedroom to find Mom missing.  Then they heard a pounding on the roof.  Mom was up there fixing her broken chimney.

Mom did not die then.  She lived a long life and watched her children grow into adults and grandchildren bless her life. 

I cannot doubt my God.  He has shown His love to me and my siblings personally. 

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