Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Listen

I listen to the wind blow against my window
as I watch the hands of time keep slipping by.
The dark of night is only interrupted
by the moon as it sneaks across the sky.

I listen to the sounds that fill the night time
the sound of quiet yells against my ears.
I miss the sound of your sleeping right beside me.
My eyes are burning from my unshed tears.

I listen, oh how carefully I listen
hoping your voice will whisp across my face.
I listen but I only hear the night sounds
while the fleeting memories I chase.

I'll sleep my love and leave behind the darkness
and in my slumber I will hope it brings
to see your smile, to feel your arms around me;
I'll settle just to have you in my dreams.

Susie Whiting - January 2012

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