Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daren's Letter~ March 12, 2015

Good Morning Sweetheart:

(Do you have mornings where you are?)  I've been thinking about you this morning and the thoughts have brought smiles to my face.

I was remembering when we moved into the house in Moose Creek.  You had so graciously given up your bed to your dad and me.  You had made a bed in the living room and was trying to get some sleep. Your dad on the other hand had decided to repair the latch on the bedroom door at the same time.  At that point of time, he wasn't thinking quite clearly.  There you lay, and the pounding began; hammer against door frame.  You pulled your covers over your head and turned away from the noise. The pounding continued.  You put the pillow over your ears.  The pounding continued.  Then, you pulled away the covers and the pillow and you had the most miserable look on your face.  I was folding clothes...quietly, but when I looked at your face, I burst out laughing.  You shook your head, smiled and then went in the bedroom to help your dad fix the latch.  Thank you honey for your smile and for helping your dad.

Mark, Dawna, Trenton and I went for a ride up by Kamas last Sunday.  As we were riding along, I remembered a hunting trip we went on when you were a young man.  We had Mark, Robert, Donny, Darrin Welch and some others with us then.  You were all riding in the back of your dad's truck, looking for deer.  All of a sudden everyone spotted this buck out in a field.  Your dad slowed down, but before the truck came to a stop all of you were out of the bed and tearing towards the deer.  I remember looking in the rearview mirror and all I saw were a bunch of long legs marathoning it across a fence and through the field.  You all looked so funny.  That poor deer.  It was gone in a flash, but I'm sure you scared the heck out of it.

You were always such a good sport, no matter how silly your sisters and I tried to make you look. The Easter at Haley's house when we made you put a pair of panty hose with a ball in the toes on your head and try to knock over a object without using your hands.  You just had to swing your head and try and make the ball in the toe connect.  Then when we had you and Perry (both far over 6' tall) jump through a hoola hoop while running a race.  You both had to bend about in two to get that hoola hoop around your head and then under your feet.  You were so much fun honey.  You have made me smile so much in my life.

I have peace in my heart honey, knowing that you are happy where you are at now.  I know that as much as your dad drove you crazy at times, there was a point sometime before you both came to earth that your dad said "I'll leave earth first, so I'll be there when 'Ole Dare gets there."  I'm sure that was his plan honey.  I'm quite certain the door latches don't need repaired there.

Well my darling boy.  I will end this note to you.  I just wanted you to know that you still make your mom smile.  My memories of you make losing you bearable.

I love you honey.  You are a light in my eye and warmth in my heart.

Forever and ever my baby you'll be.


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