Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daren's Letter - May 25, 2013

So my darling, out of my need to know, I went to the medium.  When she asked what I would like to happen, I told her, I would like to talk to you.  She could have told me any number of things and I would not have known the difference but she was kind enough to tell me "Your son's energy level is very low.  I'm having a hard time getting through to him.  He's telling you "I'm so sorry, Mom."

Honey, I know that part of this thing we call life and death, comes a part where we need to account for our actions in this life.  All of do.  All of us will.  But oh Daren, I don't want you to be sorry for me.  I don't want you to feel guilt because of me.  You see my darling, handsome son, I know you.  I know you would never have done anything to intentionally hurt me.  Any pain I was caused, was caused by your addiction and not by your soul, not by my son.  You made me happy.  You made me laugh.  You made me feel secure.  You made me feel loved.  You don't need to feel guilt towards me honey.  But if in the scope of things I need to tell you I forgive you, then my boy, I forgive you.

"He's mentioning a white rabbit," the medium said.  "Do you know the significance of a white rabbit?"

Out of all of our 46 years together on this earth, you mentioned the white rabbit.  Why?  What is important about a white rabbit with a broken leg that you found tangled in a hedge and brought home to me.  You were on your way to elementary school, when you found it.  You brought it home and we took it to the vet and had its leg set.  I have pondered the last ten days as to why this was so important to you; or is it because it is important to me?

During my life, I hope that I have done good deeds.  I hope I have done many, but I'm not certain if any were done without some form of bitterness or complaint or "why me" attitude.  The only one I can think of now that you mention it, was the white rabbit.  It wasn't an inconvenience to take that white rabbit to the vet.  It wasn't an inconvenience to pay $75.00 to get its leg set.  It wasn't about me in anyway.  It was about the white rabbit. 

Were you trying to let me know that somewhere in my life, I did an unselfish deed, or were you trying to let me know how important it is to do unselfish acts.  Our white rabbit will no longer just be a memory to me, Sweetheart.  It will be a learning aid that I will try and use throughout the rest of my walk in this life.  From this day forward, the memory of the white rabbit will become the parable of the white rabbit. 

The medium didn't charge me for her intervention.  "You wanted to talk to your son, and I couldn't make that happen," she said. 

You weren't able to use your energy to speak with me, but you pulled as much energy as you could muster together to remind me of the white rabbit.  It must be so very important.

The medium said you were surrounded by spirits that were protecting you.  I don't understand what it is all about.  I won't pretend to.  I will take solace in knowing that wherever you are, there are those who love you enough to surround you with their love; to protect you as I would if I could be with you. 

I love you Dare.  I miss you more than words can say.  Thank you for bringing home the white rabbit; for enabling me to do something Christ-like.  "For if you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me."

Sweet Peace My Darling Son.


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  1. Isn't it amazing how a small act of kindness comes back into your life with such significants. What a great story. Many hugs to you. You are an angel.