Sunday, June 24, 2012

Motor Oil and Sweat

Sitting here in my dad's old truck
I can almost smell him near.
It's just my imagination
for he's been gone about a year.

He never told me that he loved me
when I was a man or kid
But the smell of motor oil and sweat,
reminds me that he did.

Pre Chorus
When we rebuilt this old Chevy truck
He helped me to understand
That it can take more than three words
To say I love you to a man.
For he would tell me:

Remember boy there’s things
To take care of in this life
Take care of what’s important;
your children and your wife.

Take care of your reputation
Make sure your word is good
always give a little more
that what people think you should

 Stuff can always be replaced
Cry over that which can cry for you.
Raising a good family
Is the best thing you can do.

Rebuilding that old Chevy
He taught me lessons I have kept.
Lessons that were mixed with
motor oil and sweat.


Repeat PreChorus & Chorus

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