Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Thankful Door - 2008

Trenton:  I am thankful for basketball, food, girls and my sis.
Jackson:  Except for girls, ditto on Trenton's and Aunt Shannon.
Daren:  I am thankful I don't have anal seepage.
Dawna:  I am thankful for my sweet sweet family, my health and all the beauty in the world.
Vince:  My guitar, A7X and girls.
Mark:  I am thankful for cheeses....I mean Jesus.
Crush:  I am thankful for eating....that's it.
Shannon:  I am thankful for my family and for all the family get togethers we work so hard for.  Living away and missing the get togeters were really hard.  I am thankful for traditions and the good times.
Kacee:  I am thankful for hair straighteners, curling irons, toothbrushes, triple barrels, friends, family, school, food, chocolate milk, cell phones, computers, music, the three ipods I ruined, braces, floss, air, tall people, books. Stephanie Meyer for creating Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, fruit, shoes, make up, Alaska, Grandma for giving us a house to live in, salmon fishing, nyquil, vicks, whoever invented indoor plumbing (Johnny Crapper) showers, hair products, soap and again food.
Justen:  I am thankful for my mom, my jerk, my manuel, my diddy, my bugger bear, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and firends and of course my grandparents.
Raydan:  THANKSGIVING ROCKS! but not about the food...ok it is but I'm sure there's another reason too but.....I'm thankful for grandma's food :) and all my family.  Thanks for giving.
Jessica:  I'm thankful 4 everything I have!!
Tanner:  I'm thankful for this door.
Grandma:  I'm thankful for family, family, family and that God has kept us all well and safe.

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