Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Thankful Door - 2007

Mark:  "I am thankful that we didn't have a thankful door."
Dawna:  I am thankful for the guy listed above.
Vince:  I am thankful that I'm the coolest kid ever.
Justen:  I am thankful for my friends & family & shopping tomorrow.  I like Aunt Shannon.
Tanner:  I am thankful for me and my new dog.
Trenton:  Ditto on Tanner's and everything else and basketball.
Kacee:  I am thankful for food.
Steve:  I'm thankful I'm not dead because I am starving.
Raydan:  I am thankful for food and snowboarding.
Katie:  I am thankful for my family and to be back home to write on the thankful door.  I am also thankful for Ashley.  She showed me that when you're mad, not to blame it on your stepdad or you will have a reallly bad life of bad decisions LOL.  Just kidding.  Love you Ash.
Jackson:  I am thankful for Grandma.
Grandma:  I am thankful for having the best family in the whole world.

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