Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Tattered Christmas Stocking

He followed the path the footprints made, not knowing where they might lead.
Not caring where it was he wandered on this snowy Christmas Eve.
The Christmas spirit eluded him this year as the one before.
He placed no tree by his window, or wreath upon his door.

There was no joy this Christmas time, nor could there be Christmas cheer.
It had died with her, with her last breath she took that Christmas year.
What had brought him out on this snowy night, he didn't know, nor did he care.
With a hollow heart he just followed steps in the snow that he found there.

The steps lead him down by the river, then down along the tracks.
He followed them in his misery, never stopping to look back.
He followed them down a dark alley to a makeshift tent at the end,
and stopped where a small boy was standing by a firepit warming his hands.

The boys clothes were dirty and rumpled. His young face was smudged and thin.
He stood looking at the man and the man looked back at him.
"What are you doing out here alone?" "Who wants to know?" The young boy said.
"Why are you out in this weather? Why aren't you home in bed?"

"Where do you think it is I'm at?" The young boy acted tough
"This right here is where I live and this is home enough."
"Where are your parents?" "They both died. I'm a man now on my own.
I don't need anybody.  I do well enough alone."

The man glanced about the campsite and amid the makeshift mess,
a simple item caught his eye.  It stood out from all the rest.
A red, tattered Christmas stocking hung against the wall.
Here in the heart of an orphan boy, Christmas wasn't void at all.

The boy still believed in Christmas and the hope that it might bring,
and the magic to mend a broken life and make the dark take wing.
Years came in and years went by and the boy became his son,
and every year at Christmas time they made certain this was done.

They hung the tattered stocking so the man would not forget
he had found the Christmas spirit in the steps that lead to it.
So this Christmas time should circumstance cause our belief to stray,
Let's just look close in a child's heart and let the Child lead the way.

Copyright - 2008
Susie Whiting

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  1. Beautifully thought out and written my dear Susie. Merry Christmas to you and yours !